Fashion and a Cat Self Defense Keychain

Here’s the deal us ladies are at a great disadvantage when it comes to defending ourselves. We just are not physically as strong as our attackers. Men are just stronger and it’s hard to defend ourselves from them. Now this self defense is very serious but let’s be honest ladies, wouldn’t you like to protect yourself in a stylish way. We love fashion and we need to defend ourselves.

Usually in order to protect your self you need to carry some ugly pepper spray or maybe even a taser gun. There is now a way for us ladies to protect our bodies without having to compromise fashion. It can be done with a cat self defense keychain. These are cute little keychains that can easily be turned into a self defense weapon that can cause major damage. Checkout the to get more info about them.

I came across these because I was at a trade show and the guy promoting these was very nice and handsome I must add. But he explained how easy they were to use but the truth is I was sold because it was a cat and they are so cute.